“Our society rests on a bedrock promise that all individuals are equal under the law. To fulfill that promise, people must be able to vindicate their rights through the legal system. Too often, low-income Californians lack resources to stand up for their rights. I work to promote access to justice so that equal justice is a reality, not just a promise, for all Californians.”
– Mark R. Conrad, Assistant United States Attorney, Legal Services Trust Fund Commission Member

Campaign In Action

Social Media Outreach

We rely on compassionate supporters like you to help us deliver our message about the importance of equal access to justice to all those communities beyond our reach. A great way to spread the word is through social media - Facebook posts, tweets, and any other way you make your voice heard online.

Here are a few ways you can get involved online:

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  • Post about how you have increased access to justice lately
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Creative juices running low? Here are some sample posts and tweets to get you started. Feel free to customize them to highlight the great work you and your organization or law firm are doing in your community. Don't forget to tag the Campaign for Justice and include #CAforJustice so we can share your great work with others!

October is Campaign for Justice Month Sample Facebook Posts

  • Marina couldn’t afford the legal fees for temporary immigration relief but thanks to the pro bono attorneys at the McGeorge Legal Clinic, she now has the right to work in the U.S. Help us celebrate these pro bono attorneys during Campaign for Justice month! Join the Campaign for Justice, donate to the Justice Gap Fund, and support your local legal aid organization at
  • October is Campaign for Justice Month! Help the millions of Californians who cannot afford an attorney fulfill their right to justice, by supporting your local legal aid organization, joining the Campaign for Justice, and donating to the Justice Gap Fund at
  • Mr. Huang was struggling to afford his increasing rent, but Asian Law Caucus stopped the illegal increases and now he and his wife can afford to remain in their home. Help us celebrate the critical work legal aid organizations do to keep seniors in their home during Campaign for Justice Month! Support your local legal aid, join the Campaign for Justice, and donate to the Justice Gap Fund at
  • Over seven million Californians qualify for free civil legal services but nearly two-thirds of those that need help are turned away because of the lack of resources. Help us ensure that everyone has access to the justice they deserve during Campaign for Justice Month. Support your local legal organization, join the Campaign for Justice, and donate to the Justice Gap Fund at
  • Leslie Napper was at risk of losing the state-funded health care services she relied on until Disability Rights California stepped in to advocate in Sacramento on behalf of her and the thousands of others that were at risk. Help us celebrate the work legal aid organizations do on behalf of all indigent Californians during Campaign for Justice Month at

October is Campaign for Justice Month Sample Tweets

  • No money doesn’t have to mean no justice – support, join and donate to legal aid at #CAforJustice #C4JMonth
  • Oct is C4J Month – celebrate pro bono and equal access to justice for all at #CAforJustice #C4JMonth
  • Millions can’t afford a lawyer but legal aid can help – celebrate C4J Month at #CAforJustice #C4JMonth
  • How have you increased access to justice lately? Celebrate C4J month at #CAforJustice #C4JMonth
  • Army vet James Mead lost his longtime job. Thankfully, BASF was there to help. Read more at #CAforJustice #C4JMonth