“Our society rests on a bedrock promise that all individuals are equal under the law. To fulfill that promise, people must be able to vindicate their rights through the legal system. Too often, low-income Californians lack resources to stand up for their rights. I work to promote access to justice so that equal justice is a reality, not just a promise, for all Californians.”
– Mark R. Conrad, Assistant United States Attorney, Legal Services Trust Fund Commission Member

Campaign In Action

Law Students in Action

Justice should not be reserved for the well-to-do, and the fight for access to justice is not limited to practicing lawyers. If you are a law student, a college student, or anyone preparing to take an active role in defending justice and democracy, the Campaign for Justice needs your help!

By participating in the Campaign for Justice, you align yourself with many of California’s leading legal minds. Major law firms, powerful litigators, legal aid organizations, judges and many others understand the stakes and are taking affirmative steps to improve access to justice for those who have no means to achieve it on their own – and you can too!

Here are a few ways you can take action now:

  • JOIN THE CAMPAIGN. Sign up to receive updates about important issues affecting access to justice, with inspiring stories from across California.
  • LIKE US ON FACEBOOK. With one click, help us inform the community about the justice gap crisis and what is being done about it. Share our posts and invite your friends to follow the Campaign for Justice. There is no better – or easier– way to spread the word!
  • CONNECT WITH YOUR LOCAL LEGAL AID. Contact a legal aid organization in your neighborhood and offer an extra hand. You will have an opportunity to develop your skills as an attorney, and, in the process, help stretch staff hours so more clients can be served.
  • ORGANIZE A CAMPUS CAMPAIGN. If you are ready to take the next step, we can help you organize events and raise awareness on your campus. That way, when you mention the justice gap, your friends do not say “What is it?,” but rather, “What can we do about it?”
    • Coordinate on-campus activities, like “like-a-thons” and brown bag luncheons, to raise awareness.
    • Publish an article about the Campaign for Justice – on campus, or in the community.
    • Share your ideas with us and we can help make them happen!

For more information on the Campaign for Justice and what you can do to raise awareness on your campus and in your community, contact us at