Our Contributors

Thank you to the more than 24,000 donors who have contributed to the Justice Gap Fund since 2008!

Cy Pres and Residual Fund Awards

  • Mark A. Griffin, Keller Rohrback, LLP
    Jerry Cooper, Inc. v. Lifequotes of America, Inc. ($1,210,748.11)
  • Ryan L. Hicks, Law Offices of
    Michael S. Sorgen
    Jessica Neu-Helms, et al. v. UHS of Delaware, Inc., et al. ($148,478.45)
  • Michael A. Gould, Gould & Associates, APC
    In Re: Martinez v. AutoZone ($143,945.89)
  • Archie v. No Ordinary Moments Fund ($40,511.20)
  • Barton v. UHS of Delaware, Inc. ($37,563.63)
  • Glancy, Binkow & Glodberg, LLP
    In Re: Western States Wholesale Natural Gas Antitrust Litigation ($27,500)
  • Barrett Ward, et al. v. Doyon Security Services, LLC, et al. ($8,449.24)
  • Robert W. Spencer, Keller
    Grover, LLP
    Gilliam, et al. v. Matrix Energy Services, Inc. ($3,228.64)
  • Steve Lujan v. GWP Holdings, LLC ($533.44)

Justice Gap Fund Grants and Donations

  • Wells Fargo Bank ($25,000)
  • Latham & Watkins, LLP ($20,000)
  • JAMS Arbitration, Mediation, and ADR Services ($10,000)
  • Qatalyst Partners ($10,000)


(donated over $1,000 in a single year)

  • Keith L. Altman
  • Bingham McCutchen, LLP
  • Dulcie D. Brand
  • Joanne E. Caruso
  • Paul P. Caslavka, II
  • Jose L. Chairez
  • Richard H. Chernick
  • Collection at Law, Inc., APLC
  • Ethan D. Dettmer
  • Frank J. Fox, Jr.
  • Lee K. Franck
  • Joanne M. Garvey
  • Marshall B. Grossman
  • Jeffrey C. Hammes
  • William N. Hebert
  • Rex S. Heinke
  • Richard E. Hodge
  • Mary E. Kelly
  • Steven A. Kolodney
  • Kolodney & Anteau
  • Susan G. Kupfer
  • Law Offices of Hochman, Salkin, Rettig, Toscher & Perez, APC
  • Arthur J. Levine
  • Robert W. Loewen
  • Jack W. Londen
  • Harold J. McElhinny
  • Crystal D.S. McKellar
  • Kathleen M. O'Dea
  • Richard W. Odgers
  • Charles P. Rettig
  • Lawrence J. Salisbury
  • Daveed A. Schwartz
  • David S. Schwartz
  • David R. Snyder
  • Laura Stein
  • John V. Stevens, Jr.
  • Lincoln L. Stone
  • Christopher S. Tocher
  • Jaime E. Walters
  • Mark G. Weidmann
  • Janet A. Weiss
  • The Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich & Rosati Foundation
  • Edward H. Yun

Large Law Firm Campaign

(large law firms with the highest percentage of attorneys contributing)

2014 Top Large Law Firms

2013 Top Large Law Firms

2012 Top Ten Large Law Firms

2014 Champions of Justice

(companies with the highest amount of contributions, not including participants
in the large law firm campaign)

100% Club for 2014

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