Legal aid secures a safe and affordable home for Alan and his roommates

Ten years ago, Alan* suffered a severe injury that left him partially paralyzed, and with only the use of his left hand. Alan moved in with his brother, who has a mental disability, and each rented a room in a house near the clinic where they both received ongoing treatment and therapy. Like many people with disabilities, they shared the house with two others and a caretaker who managed the property, helped cook and clean, and acted as a trusted payee for the four men.

About a year after moving in, the men received a 3-Day Notice to Vacate because the property had been foreclosed upon. They tried to contact the property owner, but were unsuccessful. That’s when David Levin stepped in.

David, an attorney at Bay Area Legal Aid, determined that the tenants had not received the legally required 90-day notice to vacate. David met with representatives from the real estate firm, property management company, and Fannie Mae, who now owned the property, to stop the eviction and negotiate an amendment to the lease. Thanks to David’s intervention and expert knowledge of the federal and state foreclosure laws, Alan, his brother and their housemates were able to secure a long-term lease in a home that is safe, affordable and close to the critical medical and therapeutic interventions they all need. Donate now to help people like Alan and his roommates obtain critical legal aid.

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David Levin, Housing Staff Attorney at Bay Area Legal Aid, Oakland, California

*Name changed to protect client confidentiality.
**Photo taken by Jason Doiy


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