Pro bono attorneys keep fighting after elderly woman lost home in a sham foreclosure

When pro bono attorneys Dan Nabel and Rachel Wilkes Barchie of Greenberg, Glusker, Fields, Claman & Machtinger, LLP took her case, 86-year-old Juana Aranda had already lost her home of more than 30 years in a foreclosure scam and was living in a cramped apartment with her daughter and granddaughter. They thought they would never see the pretty little house and their garden of lilies again.

But Nabel and Barchie didn’t give up. Working with Public Counsel they followed the money trail. It led them to an alleged lender who claimed he had made a $9,500 loan to Ms. Aranda, which was the basis for the foreclosure sale and their eviction.

Nabel and Barchie uncovered a check from the alleged lender purportedly made out to Ms. Aranda. On closer inspection, they saw that the “For Deposit Only” account number written on the back of the check was the same as the account number on the front of the check. In other words, the money had never left the man’s account.

“When we saw the bank records, we knew we had him,” said Nabel. “We knew it was all a lie, we knew it was a sham. And all we had to do was take his deposition and wait for the truth to come out.”

The case settled, and Ms. Aranda got back her home and a cash payment to help repair the house and replant her garden.

“When you complete a case like this successfully, there’s no better feeling as a lawyer, at least not that I’ve discovered yet,” said Nabel. Donate now to help people like Ms. Aranda obtain critical legal aid.

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