Legal aid helped Mrs. Jackson stay in her home

Virgie Bernice Jackson, a longtime resident of South Los Angeles, was a nurse at John Wesley County Hospital in the late 1940s. In 1998, at the age of 77, she came to the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles because she was facing foreclosure on her home of 37 years. Like many senior homeowners, Mrs. Jackson had relied on her husband to handle the family finances before his death so she was an easy target for the mortgage broker who solicited and qualified her for a loan of $70,000 by falsifying her loan application. Fortunately attorneys at the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles were able to rescind the loan and stop the foreclosure. With a reverse mortgage, Mrs. Jackson is able to keep her home, which she continues to live in and enjoy.

To help educate her peers and the community, Mrs. Jackson participated in the launch of the Don’t Borrow Trouble and the Los Angeles Anti-predatory Loan Ordinance community campaigns. Now 89 years old, Mrs. Jackson is still appreciative of how legal aid made all the difference in her life. Donate now to help people like Mrs. Jackson obtain critical legal aid.

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