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Bar Association Challenge

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We know that bar leaders across the state have been working to help legal aid programs that are struggling as a result of the dual impact of the economic crisis – the need to serve many more clients with fewer resources. The Campaign for Justice is supporting these efforts by creating a statewide impetus to educate lawyers and the community about the importance of legal aid, and the need for adequate funding.

To heighten awareness of the need for legal aid, we invite you to participate in a fun and friendly challenge among local bar associations. The Bar Association Challenge encourages bar members to choose justice by joining the Campaign for Justice.

To get involved:

  • Encourage the Board of Directors to adopt a resolution declaring your bar association’s support for the Campaign for Justice at their next meeting;
  • Designate a contact person to work with the State Bar to ensure your bar association’s participation is fully recognized;
  • Present the challenge to bar association members at meetings, through email, newsletters and publications, and on your website. Ask members to go to and join the Campaign for Justice. It is important that each person include the name of his or her bar association in the Key Affiliations field so we can tell when members of your bar association join.

The State Bar will track how many bar association members join the Campaign for Justice and will provide monthly updates to the designated contact. The bar association with the highest percentage of members who choose justice will be recognized at the Bar Leaders Conference during the State Bar Annual Meeting.

For support with the Bar Association Challenge, please contact Elena Enzweiler at (415) 538-2532 or