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Memo to California Bar Association Leaders

Memo to Bar Leaders Memo to Bar Leaders (124 KB)

From: Campaign for Justice Co-Chairs, Justice Douglas Miller and Jim Preis

Re: The Campaign for Justice Requests Your Support

The Campaign for Justice needs your support, and we are writing to you because we need your help in carrying this message to members of your bar association. The Campaign for Justice is a network of attorneys and other community leaders who care about fairness and seek to ensure that all Californians have access to justice under the law. The Campaign is co-sponsored by the State Bar of California and the Legal Aid Association of California.

We know that bar leaders across the state have been working to help legal aid programs that are struggling as a result of the dual impact of the economic crisis – needing to serve many more clients with fewer resources. The Campaign for Justice supports those efforts by creating statewide momentum to educate lawyers about the importance of legal aid, and the need to ensure adequate funding. The Campaign encourages attorneys to choose justice by declaring their support online and giving to the statewide Justice Gap Fund, which distributes 100 percent of donations to qualified legal aid programs, and encourages lawyers to continue to support their local legal aid organization both financially and through pro bono services.

There are many ways that you can support the Campaign for Justice:

  • Adopt a resolution declaring your bar association’s support for the Campaign for Justice;
  • Distribute the Campaign for Justice postcard to your attorneys, urging them to choose justice on the Campaign for Justice website;
  • Include an article about the Campaign for Justice in your magazine, newsletter, or other publication distributed to your membership;
  • Post the Campaign for Justice logo on your website and distribute Campaign for Justice postcards at all of your MCLE events and other activities;
  • Designate a contact person for the Campaign for Justice, particularly to help with outreach for the Justice Gap Fund;
  • Invite legal services representatives to present at a meeting of your board or a broader membership meeting, possibly including a reception to honor legal aid and pro bono attorneys;
  • Reach out to your local legal aid programs to see if there is any specific need they have that you can help address – such as offering to conduct a special MCLE event to encourage pro bono.

We will recognize those bar associations who go the extra mile to help make the Campaign for Justice a success. Tell us how your bar association supports the Campaign for Justice either at or by writing Carol Madeja at

To declare your support or access more information and useful tools for the Campaign for Justice, visit our website at