Campaign Tools

Everyone who cares about justice in California has a part to play in the Campaign for Justice – from the sole practitioner to a law firm’s board chair, and from 1L law students to local bar and community leaders. We need help from all of you to close our justice gap.

The Campaign for Justice includes a wide range of activities to educate Californians about the importance of access to justice for everyone. Pro bono services and cy pres designations are as important to closing the justice gap as donations from individuals and organizations. The challenge is, as always, to educate those who can make a difference.

The resources below can help you describe the justice gap, and how we can help poor people in legal crisis. There are logos to include in your communications; or if you prefer you can use our postcard, flyer, fact sheet, and infographic hand-outs to explain why unequal access to justice is such a serious problem. Our Key Messages page explores how different audiences think about the justice gap, and how to explain the problem to them in terms that resonate. We've also developed specialized resources for specific stakeholder groups.

Download and print these resources to incorporate them into your own materials:

  • Campaign for Justice logos: Copy the different versions of the Campaign for Justice logo to incorporate into your communications materials.
  • Campaign for Justice postcard ( 147 KB): Introduce the Campaign for Justice with crisp visuals and key facts, for distribution at events or on desktops. Print double-sided on 4x6 paper; or ask for pre-printed postcards at
  • Justice Gap Fund flyer ( 121 KB): Explain why and how to donate, in a clear, eye-catching format.
  • Campaign for Justice fact sheet: Describe the Campaign for Justice and how others can get involved.
  • Justice Gap Fund fact sheet: Describe the Justice Gap Fund, how it works, and why it's so critical for California.
  • Justice Gap Fund facts and figures ( 340 KB): Depict the justice gap crisis with simple visual imagery.
  • Key Messages: Review these different perspectives on the importance of legal aid, so you can communicate more effectively to all audiences.

Specialized resources:

Articles about access to justice: