Campaign Tools

Campaign Tools for Law Students

We are asking law students to help us spread awareness on their campus and in their communities about the Campaign for Justice and the need for legal aid funding by gathering pledges for pro bono work, publishing articles about the Campaign for Justice, and volunteering with your local legal aid organization.

  • Campaign for Justice logos: Download various versions of the Campaign for Justice logo to include in publications, correspondence, and on your website.
  • Campaign for Justice postcard ( Adobe pdf logo 147 KB): Distribute the postcard at events, trainings, or around the office. Simply download and print the pdf file double-sided on 4x6 paper, or request pre-printed postcards at
  • Image of the Campaign pledge cardCampaign for Justice pledge card ( Adobe pdf logo 63 KB): Promote participation in the Campaign for Justice by collecting pledges for donations, pro bono work, and support.
  • Campaign for Justice fact sheet: Present a succinct explanation about the Campaign for Justice with this fact sheet.
  • Justice Gap Fund facts and figures ( Adobe pdf file logo 340 KB): Illustrate the gap between the need for legal services and the resources available to assist indigent clients with this easy-to-read infographic.
  • Pro bono outreach: Organize a promotional event to showcase and encourage pro bono work, but don't forget to let us know so we can feature you in Campaign in Action!
  • Giving Programs: Expand funding for legal aid through existing community giving programs. Sign up and designate your favorite legal aid program as the beneficiary of the donation then tell all of your friends and family to do the same!
  • Gold in the scales of justice ( Adobe pdf logo 791 KB): Publish a pre-drafted article in your organization's newsletter or magazine. Contact us for details.

Campaign for Justice volunteers are currently working with representatives from the University of Southern California and Santa Clara University to launch a campus-wide outreach campaign to educate students about the role of legal aid in our communities. If you would like more information or to get involved with these efforts, contact us at